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We want to hear from you, your opinion matters to us !

HiOS  |  2022-1-5 06:40 101155790

Hi T-Fans:

Wevalue your opinion and would love to hear about your voice. Yourfeedback will help us make Tecno smartphone even better! Thissurvey will take you about 10 minutes tocomplete, thank you.

Click the link:

Activity time:January 5-January 15

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32732560 79 #

at 21 century Tecno having 1GB ram speed is shameful in my part as clever as they're why don't u creat external processers slot like that can speed up the phone. think many meaning it has!!!
2022-1-16 15:37 Like(0)

Scoria 78 #

I have Tecno pop 5p and so far so good I can't complain
2022-1-14 06:05 Like(0)

Debby77 76 #

2022-1-10 07:09 Like(0)

Jeffter 75 #

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32795775 74 #

I love my spark 7 I have come all the way from the lowest class of tecn I love the Tecno brand . battery I give 100%and easy to use any can use it camera very good keep adding more technology I love the brand🇿🇲
2022-1-8 12:46 Like(0)

701621071 73 #

to me, techno brand is still da best!
2022-1-8 06:58 Like(0)

32739357 72 #

I am a new member for Tec phone user... So far I am just in obseving how it opparete
2022-1-8 04:10 Like(0)

32544343 71 #

for me am contented with my spark 7, it's really good but has a low speaker when it comes to listening to music  with out using head sets ,it doesn't consume data
2022-1-7 06:29 Like(0)

RICHMOND07017 70 #

I'm very happy for this my Tecno spark 7 pro  so faster and good but it take much subscription Data
2022-1-6 19:38 Like(0)

32784086 69 #

I'm facing network problem
2022-1-6 17:00 Like(0)



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