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[HiOS Latest] WHAT ARE THOSE HiOS ACHIEVEMENTS IN 2021 – A year in Review Part 1

HiOS  |  2022-1-7 05:03 145487

It was a huge success!
Oh- a great victory for HiOS!
We made it happen - the fans turned out!
We got it- join us with an applaud in the comment section.

These and others, are the numerous chants you probably would have heard or read on all HiOS platforms in 2021.
The year has come and gone but a mark was printed.
HiOS through innovation and design of powerful tools and features that meets the users desire sort for a way to connect with the fans- get recognized for her earnest contribution in the tech industry.

THE GATHERING OF ELITES – A better way to identify and understand the users.
It all started from Lagos Nigeria. HiOS introduced the never before held HiOS Fans Cafe.
An event that focuses on bringing together powerful, creative and top notched individuals from different sector of works and ethics to share, review and discuss the innovations in the mobile phone experience to understand the possibilities in the latest TECNO smartphones they held in their hands.
This event sparks many participations from the fans and create an atmosphere for better understanding, feedback and fun.
Upon a successful first event in Nigeria, HiOS held the second phase in Kenya. Together with the annual TECNO Cammission event where photographers are breed, HiOS join the fans to have a wonderful experience for four (4) consecutive times.
With the love, energy and support from you all, and as one HiOS family, the Fans Cafe moved again to Pakistan, the sunny city of Lahore where more insight and productive experience and fun was top notched.
This is not the end HiOS noted – as it plans to move out this event to other several countries in the nearest weeks.

With all these accomplishments and successful rounds of the HiOS Fans Cafe, and the noteworthy contribution of HiOS towards the growth of better user experience in the smart phone industry, a body of award known as Nigeria Technology Awards (NiTA) graced HiOS with double awards for her uniqueness.

Towards the end of 2021, HiOS won 2 awards as
1. Most Innovative Operating system of the year
2. User-Friendly Mobile Operating System of the year.
You can read about the award here.

This occasion clouds a part of fulfilment for HiOS in the Tech world, and the year 2021 was special together with the necessary feedbacks and surveys gladly given by the users.
The help of each and everyone is the reason HiOS progresses in the design of tools and features that meets the users’ need.
Using this opportunity to appreciate all HiOS fans out there and promising you a huge and innovative 2022.

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alfornce Nyaruri 17 #

great 👍
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until my fonts stopped working
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blue theme background
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238357631883 13 #

wow, I'm excited
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238357631883 12 #

mine works perfectly as it is
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