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[HiOS Latest] It’s time to tell us what you want for this new year.

HiOS  |  2022-1-12 05:29 251992

Hello T-Fans,

With something new, comes new expectation they said.
It’s a new year – some persons getting new smartphones, new tech devices, while some others clinging to their old ones but, all expecting some new changes – from the interface, to how it works, and new features to support; updates and new developments.
We do believe there are new things and innovations you’re hoping HiOS should introduce on new TECNO Smartphones this new year.

What are they? What new update, designs, events and give aways are you expecting from HiOS this year?
If you are expectant, a message in the comment section below will help us to know what you desire.

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psalmy007 19 #

please we user of camon 17pro no update for Android 12 and hios 8 what do we do to tecno
2022-4-12 11:53 Like(0)

454175 18 #

screen please Tecno air 5
2022-4-9 08:31 Like(0)

106483 17 #

Tecno spark 4 we also need upgrade android 11
2022-4-6 12:03 Like(0)

111095 16 #

2022-4-3 11:04 Like(0)

111095 15 #

2022-4-3 11:03 Like(0)

3310364347 14 #

i want you fix the gyro sensor in ticno spark 6 mobile ..just this i want
2022-2-15 02:48 Like(0)

32768991 13 #

please most of us that are going for your high end models have mostly used the likes of Samsung Galaxy note and all but because of the price we are yet still go for Tecno phones so please we are No fools regarding what we want from yiu tecno all am saying is please improve on your high end models because yes they are cheap  compared to Samsung but we need the best u can offer in terms of software and clean ui please we are begging you guys to clean up ur software and give us your best.
2022-1-26 13:27 Like(1)

32768991 12 #

please when are we getting android 12 on all Camon 18 model because a lot of modern phone are running android 12 out of the the package
2022-1-26 13:17 Like(1)

32768991 11 #

we need always on on all camon 18 models no exceptions please! even on IPS displays is very important thanks
2022-1-26 13:13 Like(0)

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