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[Appcrush Wednesday] Download Sniper Strike – FPS 3D Shooting Game. Excellent

Palm Store  |  2022-1-12 15:37 21420

Dear Palmstore Lovers, Today's App Crush is Sniper Strike – FPS 3D Shooting Game. Download now on Palmstore
the sniper game.png
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Sikabum 3 #

I still prefer the old but gold CS:GO, so sorry bro but I guess we will ignore this one. Anyway thanks for sharing the trends but I guess we're all too old for these types of new phone shooter apps. I love CS:GO for its quality, it is a satisfying team-based game, and because it's just both psychologically and strategically difficult and interesting. Moreover with the ability to earn skins/other stuff that you can sell it is also a place to earn money. I sell my things through a service (there're plenty of them in this https://farmingless.com/ review) and easily withdraw my money on a card.
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Sophron 2 #

This is a game? Looks like a dubious copy of cs go. I don't like that, I prefer to play original versions of games. Also, I doubt that this game has cool weapons and skins for them. For example, in cs go I have a lot of skins. Many I got for free, and skins like sawed off skins I bought in the online skins store. I'm more than sure that I won't find wasteland princess skin for free, so it's easier for me to buy it.
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