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[HiOS Latest] What kind of a person are you; detail-oriented? -NewYearBetterMe

HiOS  |  2022-1-18 08:19 321573

Hello T-Fans,
As a way of communicating and connecting with you in the new year, we want to hear from you.
Let us see how much HiOS means to you and the relationship you've develop with us over the past few years.

On this note, kindly share with us in the comment section below the noticeable differences in our past and recent developments.
1. What are some of the features you think are missing from HiOS 8.0?
2. Can you spot any changes in HiOS 8.0 that aren't on 7.6?
3. We would love to see how you've grown personnally, career and professionally.
Tell us what are those things you've outgrown recently.

Let's go fans...

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908740 25 #

we need update on spark 8c
2022-4-9 20:25 Like(0)

gregormakeev 24 #

Hello T-Fans
2022-3-22 09:29 Like(1)

gregormakeev 23 #

так в HiOS 8.0 надо установить через обновление .А когда делаешь запрос то пишет рутованное устройство может перестать думать т.е работать вообще выбор или продолжить с возможностью мусорного ведра или остаться с смартфоном работающим
А вы что выберите???????
2022-3-22 09:28 Like(1)

528723 22 #

2022-3-20 22:35 Like(0)

32124668 21 #

2022-3-17 23:59 Like(0)

Engr.Gabbyyy 20 #

the tecno pova 2 has many potentials with hios 8 system installed
2022-3-10 08:11 Like(2)

Ghazanfar Khan 19 #

It's been a year and a half since I bought a Techno Pova device but it hasn't got any Android update yet.  Now I think Techno is the most useless company in Android update.
2022-2-22 10:27 Like(0)

suyashsingh 18 #

can you provide us the control centre update
2022-2-7 03:55 Like(1)

32524898 17 #

Camon 17P????
2022-2-1 10:08 Like(0)
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