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Tech News  |  2022-1-19 06:44 TECNO CH9 4481

Smartphone heating issues are getting common daily, Most of our workspace is on our devices, for some, it's their GameHouse, for others it's streaming gadgets.

Other factors will also lead to heating aside using your device:
1. Leaving your device plugged in and using it even after complete charging

2. Exposing your device to direct sunlight

3. Using high brightness

4. Leaving unused Apps

5. hoarding Apps (Your phone is not a warehouse)

6. Leaving your Hotspot, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth on for no reason

7. Intensive Camera use

Using the above tips will help improve your smartphone battery health.

If you notice your smartphone heating issues are getting persistent then you should visit the nearest Carlcare Service Center close to you
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thanks for info
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Thanks deary, very informative!
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God loves me


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