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[HiOS Latest] Don't forget them! Write it down in your Notepad.

HiOS  |  2022-1-24 04:11 11794

The year is upon us with alot of task, to-do list, events, plans, things to buy, people to call, places to visit and many other life curriculum calling our attention at one point or the other.
While the plan for the new year has been inscribed on the board, these daily activities cannot be ignored as they seem to be the step towards the big goal.

To keep note is to stay smart. Every little information is worthy of noting down to avoid the circumstance of forgetfulness.
With the improved notepad on HiOS 8.0,  you can be rest assured of keeping up with this year's day to day activities.

The notepad comes with various improved features that support the many needs you'll require to note down.
This include, a reminder tab which gives you the ability to set a reminder that will notify you at the time and date in which you are to execute a plan, meet a friend, wish him/her a happy birthday or go take your exams.

It also comes with the ability to insert images to your note, customize your text with highlights, bold and color for titles and paragraphs. Create categories for this notes such as, entertainment, events, meetings, ideas and many more as you like.
Unlimited resources and pages for you to write down that book content or article while on the go as inspirations flow.
This enriching and life saving tool on your Camon 18 is a thing you cannot do without for a productive year as this 2022.

Have you started using this or will start?
Let us hear from you in the comment section below.

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10 #

not really
2023-3-3 00:31 Like(0)

9 #

2023-2-15 04:40 Like(0)

FAV😍 8 #

I love the notepad, its amazing
the fact that one can screenshot and paste it there, also some recordings. I love it🥰
2022-8-25 04:39 Like(0)

90108ae7 7 #

my notepad app says there's no file manager available when I try adding images
2022-7-16 13:03 Like(1)

211167 6 #

Nice to hear ,Worthy of note!
2022-4-12 13:25 Like(0)

TechyTecnoYT 5 #

2022-3-8 08:19 Like(0)

KHTPro 4 #

please upgrade notepad and add backup and restore feature! thank you
2022-2-17 00:10 Like(1)

Barekese Mmrante Hene 3 #

I always do
2022-1-24 16:59 Like(2)

AbdullFaha 2 #

download link
2022-1-24 12:48 Like(2)

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