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[HiOS Latest] Keep Your Phone Smart with Better Performance and Speed - APP Turbo 2.0

HiOS  |  2022-2-9 07:35 102927

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Hello T-Fans,What is a Smartphone?

They were times that one would have to wait for over a minute just to be able to launch an application on the phone. The lagging, the slow processing, taking too much time for a game to load that makes a user restart the phone severally.
One would think it's the memory space; clearing many important files and pictures but the lagging issues persist.
With this inconveniences and frustrating experience, a user can no longer decide whether it is a smartphone or a dull phone.

A Smartphone is meant to out-perform whenever and anytime.
HiOS 8.0 is all about the user experience. Smartness and simplicity- exploring ahead always.
With the design of APP Turbo 2.0, users will no longer need to wonder about the true definition of a smartphone.
APP 2.0 is a powerful maintenance tool that can clear every lagging and slow processes while playing games, watching movies, and browsing the internet.
You can access this tool by pulling out the smart panel or go to your settings dashboard and make use of this tool to clear off caching anytime, on any app.

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237867 12 #

Tecno like no other.
2022-5-7 13:44 Like(0)

827464 11 #

2022-4-16 14:13 Like(0)

wakjiraf 10 #

best mobile is Tecno specially its battery is nice
2022-4-9 13:34 Like(0)


active plz
2022-4-7 21:34 Like(0)

LilStarex 8 #

I'm using a Tecno Pouvoir 3 Air and it's reaaaalllly laggy.
2022-3-29 12:26 Like(0)

190876 6 #

tecno spark 8 pro update Android 12
2022-3-13 08:25 Like(0)

979074 5 #

hello tecno I would like there to be a good update for pova 2 please because it has many shortcomings
2022-3-9 00:55 Like(0)

Ghazanfar Khan 4 #

It's been a year and a half since I bought a Techno Pova device but it hasn't got any Android update yet.  Now I think Techno is the most useless company in Android update.
2022-2-22 10:26 Like(0)

33004642 2 #

cómo activo 4g en tecno pop5
2022-2-11 13:58 Like(0)

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