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[HiOS Latest] Master of Languages: your personal interpreter in this Valentine Season.

HiOS  |  2022-2-10 13:10 31618


Hello T-Fans,
The season of love is here, and it is certain that one way or the other, you might make new friends.
As a tourist, you might travel to another country or state to spend the time with your loved ones, friends and family, and meet indigenes who deosn't understand the language you speak, neither do you understand the language of the people.
Gettting a personal interpreter could be very expensive or out of contest. This is where your TECNO CAMON 18 comes to play.

HiOS 8.0 offer wide varieties of features that support your everyday needs. From traveling, to handling of professional businesses, and  many others.
Among the amazing features on CAMON 18, is the newly introduced Master of Languages.
This feature provides translation functions in two aspect,one is face-to-face translation, the other is social
You do not need to install any app for this. You can start it by sliding from the top left side of your screen- the control centre, click the MOL icon to activate it. Then, you will be directed to the interface of face-to-face translation where you can choose the language you want to translate to when having a conversation.

For social translation, i.e, to translate text or chats on social media, simply swipe down the control centre to activate the MOL.
HiOS 8.0 MOL gives you more advantage over other apps out there because it supports 70 languages for the face-to-face translation, and the social translation supports 60 languages.

The feature is so helpful when trying to order food at the food stand, talk to a cab man and many other scenerios.

Do you have this device? Give this MOL a try and let us hear of your experience in the comment section below
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719870 4 #

2022-3-8 07:17 Like(1)

Ghazanfar Khan 3 #

It's been a year and a half since I bought a Techno Pova device but it hasn't got any Android update yet.  Now I think Techno is the most useless company in Android update.
2022-2-22 10:26 Like(1)
  • 659253 : Android update on TECNO POVA is working okay. what you need to do...is keep on trying the update. because maybe it's network problems.

    2022-4-8 13:31

Evok 2 #

When is Tecno Camon 17 getting Android 12 update here in Zambia
2022-2-10 16:29 Like(1)

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