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[HiOS Latest] Is HiOS Your Val? Show us that you know her very much.

HiOS  |  2022-2-16 03:20 101347


Hello T-Fans,
How can you prove you love HiOS?
How much about her do you know, or think you can guess what she's made of?

Alright! Tell us in the comment section below, any HiOS feature starting with the letter M, S and V.

You can stand a chance to win a mouth-watering Valentine gift box.
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gregormakeev 10 #

все переводчики пишут подарочная коробка из рта птху на тебя ещё раз
2022-3-22 09:16 Like(1)

Ghazanfar Khan 9 #

It's been a year and a half since I bought a Techno Pova device but it hasn't got any Android update yet.  Now I think Techno is the most useless company in Android update.
2022-2-22 10:26 Like(0)
  • 659253 : Man.. maybe you do something wrong with your phone. Just try to erase all data by factory reset and you are okay.

    2022-3-12 13:27

presh200 8 #

M - Magic button allows you control your game using your volume buttons .

S - Smart scanner does everything from scanning QR code to scanning and translating over 40 different languages.

V - Video caller provides you with an option to set your favorite videos as the caller background.
2022-2-19 08:36 Like(0)

33038404 7 #

2022-2-17 14:54 Like(0)


Hello HiOS, the M, S and V stand for the following:

M stand for MICRO INTELLIGENCE, S stands for SOCIAL TURBO and V stands for VIDEO ASSISTANT
2022-2-16 05:06 Like(2)

Vincent Royvinc 5 #

M- Micro Intelligence
S- Social Turbo
V- Video Assistant
2022-2-16 05:04 Like(1)

iamjayneeo 3 #

M-  Magic Button which allows Game Lovers to use their volume buttons to open fire on their opponents.

S- Split Screen feature that allows one to start a screen session and then open any number of windows inside that session.

V- The Video assistant feature which allows one to answer calls, reply messages, scroll through movies, watch YouTube videos etc. when the screen is locked.
2022-2-16 04:55 Like(2)

Youngmoney 2 #

M for Micro Intelligence  S for Social Turbo   V for Video Assistant
2022-2-16 04:38 Like(1)

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