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[Activities] Guess The Name of this App Excellent

Palm Store  |  2022-2-24 06:03 31011

This app is a movie streaming app where you can watch any genre of movies and streaming.

Guess the name of this app? It's easy.

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Sikabum 5 #

Very much like the Showmax logo, I don't use it often as I usually download all movies via torrent. Many people think torrents are dangerous because of the possibility of downloading viruses, but it all depends on the site where you are downloading, for example, I use The Pirate Bay and have not run into anything like that. It is better instead of thinking like that, just find more info about The Pirate Bay and see for yourself that it is not true.
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5729ba31 4 #

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ReyShabee 3 #

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babatee24 2 #

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