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Campus  |  2022-3-18 19:10 GN8003 052

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Review of the movie : knives out

A modern crime mystery thriller movie. Knives out... What comes to your mind?

Well, Knives out is a 2019 movie written and directed by Rian Johnson. A plot is set on finding out who murdered at 85 year old crime writer Harlan Thrombey or was it suicide?

When it comes to parties involving relatives and families the tension is always thick. knives out definitely showed that. Like any family gathering where someone is hiding something from everyone and everyone lies to cover up something or prove what they aren't? Knives out brings that into play .

For Sherlock Holmes lovers out there this movie is a definite watch because you would love how the movie plays out like I did..

Benoit Blanc played by you know who.. our very own 007 Daniel Craig is a private investigator and a detective..and trust me his drawl is hilarious.. Captain America(Chris Evans) was Ransom the pompous, selfish , cunning, smart and spoilt grandson... The look on his face when he tried to murder Martha the caregiver only to discover it was just props was very funny. For someone so smart he sure was dumb.

Well I loved the whole detective setting, I'm a thriller fan .. mystery you got me hooked and knives out did just that.. as the story when on the plot thickened and there's a new twist and you see Martha trying to cover up definitely funny.

The director got me hooked... You want to know what happened next whodidwhat, whosaidwhat..

How could I forget?

Martha has an aversion to telling lies and guess what she likes.. hilarious right? What I would give to see someone who has an aversion to telling lies.

For teaching morals , knives out showed how important it is for one to have a pure and good heart and how important it is to live up to this saying"what is worth doing is worth doing well". And just how bad lying is you definitely won't get any of my money if you treat me like the Thrombeys treated their father and how Ransom (Captain America) treated his grandfather. We need to learn how to fend for ourselves . Out with the idea of your parents money is yours it could be lost within a twinkle of an eye.

I felt Martha's aversion to vomiting was far fetched and Mr Harlan could have been a tad patient and probably wouldn't have died.

Want to know the answer to the question I asked at the beginning?

Go see the movie.. you won't regret it

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