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Sunday File

software  |  2022-3-20 15:26 0257

Well the functionality I was trying to add yesterday looks like an "overkill" to me, because THE BEST MODEL IS THE ONE THAT GETS THE JOBS DONE PERFECTLY IN THE SIMPLEST MANNER.  With that, I decided to scrape the complicated and complex idea I had in my head and went for a simpler one, and voila I was able to achieve the task and some others.

And also 😢 as always I ran into another bug/error today, well not that I ran but I discovered. That when I want to edit any information in the model, the upload_to of the ImageField class always stack the folder and creates multiple subfolders at every edit which is a pain in the ass. But as I have always done, I will trash it out.

I think that is all for now, my PYTP continues tomorrow 😢 😔 😡 and I will see you next time. Bye 😍
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