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It is yet another new week again, hope you have pleasure and have let's go the memories of the feat won last week, because THIS IS ANOTHER WEEK, AND YOU SHOULD HAVE WON ANOTHER ONE, now asked yourself, why haven't you?

You really needs to know this, successful Influence of past result is a stumbling block to future occurrence, don't allow it to becloud you, success is a mirage that cloud and make obscure coming opportunities, if you sleep on the influence of the current one, you may not be able to see future opportunities where it lies.

Do you know what leads to extinctions of many potentials people who have won excellent feat in time past is because the influence of that feat becloud them that they forget life is a continuous one, for you to keep that pleasure and influence on, you really needs to be daily relevant, and for you to be daily relevant in this realm and even beyond, you can't avoid to brings to limelight such dimensions that has never been in existence.

There are three realms men could operates in, Realm of the Spirit, Humane and Realm of the Hades. But what facilitate the operations in any of these realms is your relevancy.

So I tells you, for you to keep in track your relevancy, you can't avoid to allow your successful story of greatness of yesterday took the most part of you that you won't be able to takes charge of today's blessings.

I've seen men of my contemporaries and even those who are higher than us in all the realms I've operates (humane and spiritual), but they were restrain in progressing and growth because they could no more be consistent just because of the influence that saturate the atmosphere of the dealings.

#Day05 of this challenge, I put something up in the poetic, arguing that "what justify our ends is our means"  and not the vice versa as it is normally being put to use that "the ends justify the means", in there o laid emphasis that the world is a revolutionary and continuous one, so an outcome automatically becomes a new input for another proceedings, so you shouldn't stop when a feat is won, you should rather proceeds with your consistency, for greater wins lies before you.

So tells yourself, and declared with every determination, "I'll not be carried away with the influence, until I have become a dimensions of the glory, with consistency I will proceeds until I become so intimately with relevancy" and so shall it be.

© Babalola Ademola Stephen
        iamHERITAGE PenWriter
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