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Activities  |  2022-3-22 09:15 TECNO KC8 059

Well this is the first ever movie I will see Daniel Craig with no single action in a movie but just simply suspense, it's nothing but 100% for me 😊😊

The movie KNIVES OUT is about a man HARLAN THROMBEY who has amassed a fortune from his career as a prolific writer. He committed suicide the morning of his 85th birthday.

His nurse Martha, a Latin immigrant whose family depended on her job was the last person to see him alive. Martha was loved by HARLAN

After his death, the police showed up and a private detective (Daniel Craig) to question the family.

To my surprise with how tricky the whole situation look like and Martha was looking like the major suspect but the detective was still able to do his job and figure out the whole situation.

To my conclusion - the movie is filled with deceit, greed and blackmail displayed by the family members of Harlan.

Knives out shows huge respect for science and also sharpens old murder mystery.

You should still see the movie because the suspense is unlimited😊😊
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