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My review on the movie "Knives Out"

Activities  |  2022-3-22 19:01 SM-A107F 035

Knives Out is definitely an enigmatic movie. The mystery ensures that the audience remains captivated till the credits roll. An amazing cast showcased what the writer had in mind and with the skillful direction of the production team, this movie is one of its kind.
Harlan Thrombey was an eccentric man who clearly wanted to give his family a wake-up call to reality. Martha with her "regurgitative reaction to mistruthing" was humorous but it depicts the kindness and honesty of her heart.  Ransom Drysdale (Tecno's Ambassador Chris Evans) kept on scheming even after he got caught.
The movie goes to show the insides of a family with their secrets, self-entitlement (as in the case of their reaction to the will) and the politics played to portray a somewhat functional home.

Knives out is a recommended dose of comedy and mystery.
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