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March contest: knives out review

Campus  |  2022-3-23 16:55 Infinix X693 052

2022-03-23 04:58 - 2022-3-23 04:58Has ended
It's about a wealthy family that has a party for a man named Harlan's 85th birthday. The next day, the maid Fran finds him dead of an apparent suicide. When the cops arrive so does a private investigator, that was anonymously paid to help solve the crime.

He discovers that the whole family had a strained relationship with the father. Two days before his demise, he signed all his will to his maid Fran who was the only who to truly like him. After finding out that if the maid lies she will throw up he creates an alliance with Fran.

Still unknown who hired him detective Blanc is getting closer to the murderer. When the funeral for Harlan is happening Ransom does not show up he says he was busy that day, which makes Blanc suspicious of him.


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