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Despite the interesting story line and the beautiful plot of the movie KNIVES OUT.
It’s punchy dialogues and its being a suspense driven movie that keeps you at the edge of your seat till the very end.
Like the saying goes there is no movie without its flaws but overall this movie is must see.
We are talking about an 85 year old wealthy man Mr Harlan Thrombey, who seeks to find closure on his birthday about the ill feelings and misconduct of his immediate family towards him and their reckless lifestyle. He secretly wills his assets to a total stranger, his nurse.
With a secret no longer a secret which leads to the spiral effect of the tragic event and cover up of the death of Mr Harlan.
As investigations unfolds with everyone as a suspect, KNIVES OUT and its array of stars like Chris Evan,Daniel Craig.
its mystery,comedy and suspense will keep you focused on guessing and second guessing who the real murder is.
On a scale of 1-10,KNIVES OUT scores 9/10
It’s an excellent movie and a must see because it aims to highlight the adverse effect of greed in the lives of people and the society at large.
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