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Daily Speech

Activities  |  2022-4-25 15:20 Infinix X688B 081

_Getting there is not easy. You'll be discouraged. You will tempted to quite. The road will be narrow and sloppy. Don't give up. Don't allow doubts during the trip. It needs room to grow. All your best needs. You don't have to look for alternative ways to travel fast. Just keep pushing. It needs your full attention, commitment, and focus. It might make you think negatively. You may think you've lost. But remember, when your journey seems slow and difficult, giving up will not bring you closer, but patience can._

_However, believe in yourself. Know your worth. Don't do anything exceeds your strength. You have to build yourself. You've to be strong enough to break any record. Get encourage, never quite. Do your best to appreciate where you're now. You may not see the outcome of your struggle now, but in time it will show good results. Appreciate your moves. You've blessed, learned, and made progress. But you've to learn to believe in yourself. And don't overlook small accomplishments. Everything starts from there. Because big things are coming, all you need is focused and commitment, you'll be there one day._

*_Oluwatoyin Hawal Momolosho_*
*_© Bolaji Momo's Momoloshomerism_*
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