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Activities  |  2022-4-27 15:12 Infinix X688B 054

A train on motion only stops when it get to a bus stop either to drop or to pick passengers. It is very dangerous for a person to stop a train that is already in motion.

Human beings are like the unstoppable train and they are only meant to stop when they have gotten to their final bus stop.

Lots of people have stopped their journey halfway without reaching their various bus stops due to circumstances. This might have been done intentionally or unintentionally.

The circumstances facing Nigeria is enough to stop someone halfway but those who are focused and know where they are going will strive hard to attain their goals before getting to their final bus stop. The bus stop here signifies the final journey in life (death). You may wonder why I am mentioning death, it is inevitable but the main thing is that you have to strive hard to achieve all your goals before it come knocking on your door.

The current situation in Nigeria has made it very difficult for the weak to survive, thereby making it the " survival of the fittest ".

To get to your destination without stopping on the way, you have to be patient and consistent. When these are applied you will have the cause to rejoice when you look back and see all you have achieved.

#Akachukwu Chioma
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