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Daily Speech

Activities  |  2022-4-27 15:13 Infinix X688B 059

_Youths of nowadays are unprepared for questions such as: What kind of work do you do? How much is your monthly salary? Can you show me how you make money? Or you're too young, how did you get such a big mansion or fancy cars at your age? If you ask them such questions, you're just wasting your time. Because they don't know. Although, she is young to buy such things, but when her parents didn't ask her where she found the money to buy such an expensive car, then who are you to ask her? This is exactly the question she will ask you if you try to ask her such a question. Anyway, be careful and watch your own path to success._

_Of course, life hits us in different ways, but the way young people are constantly living their own lives is terrible. Imaging, a 21-year-old girl bought an expensive Benz worth over millions, and her parents didn't even ask her what she has done so far to get it. Everyone is just throwing words of encouragement to her. No one asked her where the money came from. Even though her mother has become rich, she still trains her daughter in a negative way. In fact, life situations have elevated us all to a lofty position where no one can ever again seek advice on what to do with their lives. We are only civilized on garbage. Such a miserable life in which we live._

*_Oluwatoyin Hawal Momolosho_*
*_© Bolaji Momo's Momoloshomerism_*
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