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Four Things Corp Member Should Know

Activities  |  2022-4-29 11:47 0144

This is the story of my uncle George

I remember in 2015 when uncle George graduated from the university. He posted his graduating pictures on Facebook just like every graduating student will do and then the comments and likes  kept pouring in.

Several messages congratulating him came in but there was this  comment from this particular woman who wrote "Congratulations. Welcome to the real world!"🙂

Uncle George never really understand what she meant then until He left for Nysc and afterwards started searching for a job and that was when He knew the Nigerian job market was very competitive and most graduates do not have the relevant skills to secure a good job😞

He got some job opportunities which could pay him N100k a month but he did not have the relevant skills to secure them and so they slipped away😭 

The jobs he could lay his hands on payed peanuts and he knew he could not continue like that!

In his frustration, uncle George went on Google to search for a profitable online business he could do from which he could earn well and he came across Affiliate Marketing... 

Luckily, uncle George came across someone on Facebook who was holding a free class on Affiliate Marketing and he quickly joined in and was enlightened on what the business was all about and how to get started💃

After the class, he knew he must not sleep on this opportunity

Uncle George quickly looked for the start up money and started out on this profitable business model and he also focused on learning the high income skills that came along with it👏👏👏

Soon enough, uncle George sales started pouring in and he started earning 5 figures soon to be 6 figures, and then 7 and 8 figures....... 


📌 I DON'T want you to be faced with reality before you start planning your financial future. In fact, In Nigeria, don't depend on your certificate!

📌 Don't say "it cannot happen to me" and then you don't prepare for what is ahead of you

📌Learn relevant skills and specifically HIGH INCOME DIGITAL SKILLS. They are in hot demand in our world today and will give you added advantage in the labour market

📌 Plug into and learn a PROFITABLE business model that is guaranteed to bring in good cash and scale up your finances


I have a free WhatsApp class for only 100 persons who are interested in knowing more about Affiliate Marketing and would love to know how to go about it.

You can  send a DM via the number below if you would want to be a part of the class.



©️ Micheal

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