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Daily Speech

Activities  |  2022-5-2 13:59 0113

_We are human beings and we need encouraging words to survive. In anything we are doing in this life, if there is nothing like a form of appreciation or encouragement words to do that thing, it won't last. The things will later hit the rock and there will be no continuations for it again. Make an appreciation something tangible. Engage in doing it as if you're getting paid for it. Because the moment you keep showing appreciation, things continue to get better, maybe he is a businessman. Encourage him with suitable words. Let him know that everything will change for the better one day. And guess what, such a person will never take you for granted._

_Indeed, there is a lot of way in showing appreciation for someone's doing and he will be glad that someone cares about him. If you're a businessman,  the customers that are patronizing you to buy your goods, speak good words to them. Let them know that you care about them and they'll never think of somewhere else than your side to come and pick their needs. If you're a YouTuber, try to show love to your followers by finding a day to create content to show them gratitude. Although they are gaining knowledge from your works but still take seconds out of your time to appreciate them and they will value you more than before. Be appreciative of anything that comes your way and you will stand out from the crowd._

*_Oluwatoyin Momolosho_*
*_© Bolaji Momo's Momoloshomerism_*
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