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Daily Speech

Activities  |  2022-5-4 14:56 0104

*_Daily Speech_*

_Success doesn't demand any struggles. Success doesn't come to humans because he is hardworking. Success doesn't follow age to bless someone. Success deals with time and destiny and that's what all of us suppose to have believed in. Success is something invisible. It comes to humans at any moment. It doesn't determine whether you have been working for over 10years, it may not even draw a line to your side with all the years. And it may come to your colleagues that just begin the same business you're doing within two years and left you aside. Dear, it's not his power and that's the meaning of success in a few words. It appears to anyone at any moment it wishes, but if the time of that person has reached and he has been destined that he will succeed in life, then success will come._

_However, don't overthink your life and why you haven't succeeded yet. You don't know the exact time your glory will show up. Perhaps, you can be the next successful person on earth within an hour now. Because no one knows tomorrow. The next billionaire may be from the street and struggles around with how to get something to eat. No one knows maybe your friend that you're helping today is the one to change your life for the better in the future. Life is a vice-versa. The things you're doing that bring you joy, your friend may try it and put him in serious problem. So, be patient! Your time is around the corner. Be optimistic and success is assured._

*_Oluwatoyin Hawal Momolosho_*
*_© Bolaji Momo's Momoloshomerism_*
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