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This word is familiar to majority of you. In my own word I will say that it is a virus that has eaten deep into many lives. As simple as this word may seem, it has caused alot of harm to many people.

Inferiority complex is a process where someone feels less important, less intelligent than his peers. Inferiority complex makes one to withdraw from others not able to air his mind because he feels that others are superior to him.

         Most common causes and triggers of an inferiority complex are:

*) Experiences as children and adults: alot of encounters experienced during childhood can affect the individual when he is an adult such encounter is disapproving remarks about a behaviour. When a person receives bad remarks all the time it will spark inferiority complex that will make him feel inferior that he is not good enough.

*) Physical challenges: alot of people are not free from this particular cause of inferiority complex. Examples of physical challenges that make people feel inferior are height, weight, speech and facial or body features.

I as a person was guilty of this aspect in the past. In the past I always feel inferior because of my height, when I stand with my friends I feel unhappy because I am the only short one among them and at time I do not feel comfortable standing beside tall people because I always look small.

One day as I was depressed feeling inferior something in me told me that God has a reason for not making me tall. I was asked if I knew what God had deposited in me that is not in those people I envy because of their height, I was reassured that I am unique. From that day onwards I stopped feeling inferior and knew that i am specially made by God.

It is high time you come out of your inferiority complex zone and feel special about yourself. You are special and unique, do not be bothered about what people say about you just be happy about yourself. People will only love you when you love yourself so be confident about yourself.

# Akachukwu Chioma.
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