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Daily Speech

Activities  |  2022-5-7 15:46 Infinix X688B 023

*_Daily Speech_*

_Why did you construct your life under the roof of lie? You've made it your own daily bread. You serve yourself lies as if no more life to live again. When you know you can't meet up with people expectation, then why did you made a promise? You'll make a promise without any turn up. You keep them in mind but later discharge them. You've given them some words to believe in you but none of the words you follow. You keep disgracing yourself around. No one wants to take your words seriously again. You've started living a fake life without even realizing it. Because when the truth in you failed, then there is nothing in you again._

_You keep tarnishing your image around the society and you think you're living a good life. You made promises but ended up in disappointment. You can't just believe in living such a life and excel. You make your own behavior in order everyone to not believe some good people out there again. Remember, the blessed heart is for honest not for dishonesty people. Don't you know you've wounded so many lives who believe in your words. Your words is now like *** in the ears of everyone. No one wishes to hear your promises again because of dishonesty you engage in. Fulfilment of promises is such a good quality in human being than fake promises. Whatever you promise people, try to be making fulfilment towards it and people will believe in you forever._

*_Oluwatoyin Hawal Momolosho_*
*_© Bolaji Momo's Momoloshomerism_*
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