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Android 13 Beta for CAMON 19 Pro (5G)

Moderator Apply  |  2022-5-9 02:27 184209918

Welcome to TECNO Android 13
Developer Preview Program
Android 13_poster_1080x662.jpg
Welcome to TECNO Android 13 Developer Preview Program which allows you to try pre-release versions of Android 13. This release is for developers and provide new features needed to improve the compatibility and development of your applications for the new version of Android.

At present, TECNO CAMON 19 Pro (5G) is in the Android 13 Developer Preview Program. As with previous versions, Android 13 includes behavior changes to help improve performance, battery life, security, and privacy. In some cases, these changes can affect apps until they are updated to support Android 12, so you might see impacts ranging from minor issues to more significant functionality limitations.

How to get started with Android 13 beta?

1.Get Android 13 beta 1— Click Android 13 beta 1 to download.
2. How to download Android 13 Beta 1 for TECNO CAMON 19 Pro— See the Setup Guidefor details.
3. If you want to swipe back to Android 12 click on Android 12 SWto download.
4. How to download Android 12 for TECNO CAMON 19 Pro — See theSetup Guidefor details.

Point to note
Please note the beta build is not the final version, some features may be missing or may not work, these are general notes about this release:
1. The release might have experience problems with apps, stability, battery or performance on the device.
2. Banking and finance apps might not work as expected.
3. Some apps might crash or may not function as expected when running on this release. This includes Google’s apps as well as other apps.
4. Some permissions managed through Settings may need to be set again after app re-installation or device reboot.
5. The release contains some known platform-related issues such as performance and battery, access files in external storage, permissions.
6. Some apps or icons may be obscured by the water drop screen.
7.The camera may not be as good as expected.
If you would like to opt-out or revert to the factory settings, you can do so using SOP tools.
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466201 126 #

can my camon17pro be upgraded to android 13?
2022-6-9 16:36 Like(0)

511920 125 #

how can I upgrade my spark8 pro
2022-6-9 02:15 Like(0)

885956 124 #

any one selling a good techno phone.
WhatsApp me on 0773131506
2022-6-9 00:11 Like(1)

473049 123 #

pova 2 will it be upgraded to android 12 with hios 8.0
2022-6-8 16:51 Like(1)

987464 122 #

когда будет андроид 13,tecno spark go 2022
2022-6-8 16:29 Like(1)

770703 121 #

2022-6-8 16:02 Like(1)

942211 120 #

2022-6-8 09:20 Like(0)

ts76786145 119 #

I was wondering if my tecno pop 5 lte would get the android 12 or not and if it is possible to enroll for the beta program please
2022-6-7 22:31 Like(1)

808687 118 #

I need update
2022-6-7 18:03 Like(1)

Chachi92 117 #

2022-6-7 13:08 Like(0)



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