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Review on the movie Blood sisters

Campus  |  2022-5-22 15:44 TECNO CG6 054

2022-05-22 03:27 - 2022-5-22 03:27Has ended
My review on this movie:

   The movie was awesome, suspense packed ( especially towards the end, it didn't have a real end tho) filled with

amazing lessons to be learnt. Tho I never wanted to watch it

cos I felt it was over hyped ( it was actually worth the hype tho) Funny enough it depicts the exact picture of what happens in Nigeria; from the domestic violence to injustice to corruption....the list goes on and on

  Akin seems to be my favorite character in the movie, persons like that are very rare to find. He chose to fight for the truth ( or rather the real victim ) instead of seeking for the justice for his best friend. That alone caught my attention, He chose justice despite those involved.

Another lesson learnt from his relationship with Kola is this; no matter how well you think you know someone don't ever vogue for him. He thought he knew his friend so well but he didn't know he was a monster.

    Kemi🔥❤️ I just love her( both the actor and the role played) she killed that role. Her bond with Sarah is something out of this world, at a point I thought they were sisters. I just love her vibes- doesn't give up easily, having Sarah's back even at the worst.

      Sarah portrays many Nigerian women, suffering and smiling. She was soft, too vulnerable, fragile ,she didn't even have a voice of her own (Kemi was just making decisions for her) just trying to make everyone happy (is that even possible)  Tho at the end she found her voice

  Some scenes seemed like they needed to do more or maybe improve.

   That supposed hired assassin is just so funny (I guess it was part of the script) mere looking at him shows his an enemy, no camouflage at all, he just showed his full self like as if has no training no wonder a man on agbada finished him with gun. lol

     Sarah and Kemi  burying Kola's body in a shallow grave along the road with their headlights on is something off.  tho it's clear they don't have experience in stuffs like this but at least they should have switched the lights off or better still bury him in a distant place.

       Personally for me I don't think the nudity was worth it.

        Oh how can I forget Timeyin, I just love her maybe cos this the first movie I have seen her act.

Generally I give the movie 8/10. They did a nice job from careful selection and assigning roles to each character to the cast delivering it hot hot to everything I don't know ( I don't know much about movies lol) that was put in to make this movie top notch. At least I can there's great hope for nollywood.

        To answer the questions

My best character is Akin, worst Kola

Lesson learnt: Some actions are better judged after you have heard from both parties. Domestic violence is not something to manage in a relationship or even marriage it's resultant consequences are enormous.

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