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Winning Tricks

Activities  |  2022-5-25 09:16 064

1. You must love what you are doing: If you dislike what you are doing, you won't flow well in that field as you will always have a deviating mind. But when you love the work you are doing, you will flow well with it and keep going in the midst of short comings.

2. You must be humble: "God resisted the proud but gives grace to the humble". Pride makes one to become unteachable, It makes one not to have regard for anybody, it drives away people, etc. You can see that pride is a destructive agent. Humble people get favor from others, they are ready to learn, they regard others, you can simply say; they are blessed.

3. Persistence and Perseverance: These two work hand in hand. to win, you must persist(keep going) and persevere(withstand) the opposition forces(defeat).

4. Dedication: You must be dedicated to your work. Be punctual, diligent, hard working. Dedication will keep you on the track of progress.

5. Determination: You must determine to achieve your goal, and also always remember why you are doing what you are doing. That will strengthen you.

6. Interact with others: Learn mostly from your superiors and teach mostly your inferiors.
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