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It is no doubt that every single young lady out there hope to someday get married to this almost impossible figment of a man they carry in their head; Cute, handsome, romantic, rich, caring, God fearing and the rest on their none ending list of a perfect husband.

According to  psychological research, women suffers Anuptaphobia than men. Anuptaphobia is the fear of remaining unmarried or being married to the wrong person. As a result, they try to balance between getting the right man and not exceeding their prime.

When I say exceeding their prime, you should know what I mean, if you don't, refer to the recent trending video "Jehovah carry me dey go my husband house" — It's funny though but not to the victims.

I did a little research lately. I asked a couple of my female friends what they meant by a perfect husband and from their responses, three features kept reappearing on the list; Romantic, Rich and God fearing.

Most rich men are romantic; so they say. But I don't know how true this is; perhaps, you will let me know when you get one for yourself. As for being God fearing, I personally won't trust any man for that.

Tonight, I will be walking you through the surest road to get yourself a RICH man. Not just rich but Responsible.

I know this because I am a man and I know exactly the kind of woman I would love to have as wife if I happen to be rich. Meanwhile, Reality have most of the time proved Imagination wrong and as one man's want doesn't always speak for all, I filtered and strengthen my list with an intensive research; so as to come out with what I believe will work for majority.

Here is what every lady needs to attract a rich and responsible man. Others have done it before, yours won't be any different

1. Your Dressing (Appearance):

Rich or not, men are vitual creatures. They believe in only what they see. Trust me, even if you're the most beautiful woman in the world, if you should dress in a poorly presently outfit, there is a high chance that no man will look your way. Not to talk of men who has taste.

What do I mean by 'poor outfit'?

I'm not saying you should start longing for expensive outfit which your financial capacity can't afford. Something simple and smart will do; even if it is cheap.

You can easily confirm this; as a lady, the days you have more guys walking up to for familiarity are those you're dressed in your best. Right?

The way you look says alot about you. Use that pleasant spray, smell nice, keep your hair tidy, wear smart dress with a touch of gorgeousness. Your appearance matters alot. Take it seriously.

2. Be Confident?:

No rich man would want to marry a dummy. They want someone who can take their place in their absence without anyone noticing.

What do I mean? Rich dudes want the full package. Some ladies can't even face the crowd not to talk of addressing it. How then will you manage his wealth?

When he attends party with his fellow rich dudes, are you presentable? Can you express yourself without chickening out? Or you're that easily intimidated or manipulative type? Mind you, they don't like loosers.

Rich men like the idea of someone who will challenge them in the most respectful, yet provocative in nature.

Although, Fifty shades is just a movie but it depicts total reality. If you should observe, till the end of the movie Anastasia Steele always had that courage to speak up against Christian Grey's oppressive act. She cancelled out most of the agreement clause which she felt was inhuman and outrageous. This, the previous victims never dared to. Perhaps, that was what made her stand out.

3. Stop being desperate:

What will be will be. Yes! Read that again.

Rich dudes believes anyone will fall to their feet when they see money. Perhaps, when they find that unique one who don't give a damn about their wealth, they feel challenged. Exactly, that is what they want.

Trust me, the moment you become too desperate, they'll see it and used it against you. Eventually, they'll use you and when they feel they've had enough with you, they dump you.

I love making reference to the movie 'fifty shades' because it's the best specimen for this thread. Anastasia Steele was never desperate. At the end of the first episode, she left him and his luxurious mansion for her normal life. She rejected a signed cheque containing a huge sum. How many of you can do that? (Even me no go reject am). She never gave a damn about his wealth.

4. Be in the right place:

You won't find a fish in the desert, will you?

If you grew up and live in the trench, you'll find it hard to even see these rich dudes. Like what will Wizkid or Davido be doing in mama Iyabo street? The odds is just too small.

I'm not saying you should pack out and start living in the Lekki or Asokoro. No. What do I mean?

Instead of staying indoors all days hoping for miracle to direct one young man to your door step, why not dress up and attend occassions like submits, charity events, gallery opening and more? It increases your chance of coming across these men. Mind you, you're not going there to look for husband; that will make you desperate. You're going there to add value to yourself. To meet new people with great minds.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying, Davido and Wizkid will be in attendance but I'm certain you won't find them in your street.

5. The care and appreciation you show goes a long way:

This is applicable after you might have won one to your side as friend.

There is a reason why the rich so much value gifts from friends? This is because they hardly get one. They're always the one giving and no one gives unto them in return because everyone believe they have it all.

So, when they find that snowflake who sincerely care and appreciate them, they hold unto them tightly never to let go. You can leverage on that.

6. Your social media profile:

Yes, you underestimates it.

Let me whisper to you what men do when they get your contact from you. When we walk up to you and complements your look, your mind instantly tells you what we want but you choose to play innocent obvious of what you know, right?

This is us trying to get your contact with the hope to tell you good morning, good afternoon and goodnight. Perhaps, when we eventually get it, we go in search for your social media handles and start going through it. Yes, we do. You shouldn't be too surprise cos you do the same too, don't you? You even go as far as the first post on that handle.

Now, when you do that, ain't you trying to get a clue of the kind of person he is? The work he does, what be loves and so on? So also are men.

But in the case of the rich dudes, we presume they don't enjoy such luxury of time. Instead, what they do is glance through your profile and few of your recent posts and they are done.

Imagine your profile carrying a caption like "f*CK my haters. I'm living my life. Bla bla bla" or your username reading "Mhiz baby gal"? Don't you think you just represented yourself in a cheap way?

Rich men are difficult people. They need someone who has a job, likes or loves what they do, and has passion in life. It could be passion for anything. Someone who is self sufficient and has a driven vision. They want a woman who can teach them something.

Although, all men like a good looking woman. But they also want to believe you have something to offer besides sex. Sex is great but not the only thing.

7. Be Real:

What you don't know is this; any wealthy business man will know the instance you're trying to fake your true self. What do you expect? They have done businesses with thousands of people. People with different characters and personalities; the good, bad, cunny etc. Your case is just another simple one to decipher.

If you can't exhibit the real you in his presence, how then do you expect he trusts you? Not to talk of loving you?

This is it; in summary, every rich man's spouse is their greatest weak end to their businesses. So, they ensure perfectly that it goes to the right person.

8. Your smile is powerful:

Let me ask you this; have you ever tried to imagine yourself in the shoes of the guys who ask you out? Will you appreciate the kind of reception you give them?

Imagine the reverse is the case. Ladies asking guys out. Will you cope?

You see, most men out there have this phobia to walk up to a random girl and play their card. Majority struggles a great deal within themselves before making the move. Now, imagine you keeping that straight face all the time.

For each time you keep a bone straight face, you scared away at least one man. Factually, no man will want to settle down with that warrior you portray yourself as.

Every lady is just too beautiful with a smile. If you doubt, ask your mirror. Meanwhile, while looking too serious may ruin your chance, being cheerful and bright is a banger.

And lastly, a short advice for you. Take it seriously.

No matter what you do, never quit adding value to yourself. Value surely attracts value.
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