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Hello T-Fans,
TECNO celebrated the global launch of CAMON 19 series.
For the first time ever, TECNO conducted a global product launch event in the U.S. on the 65th floor of iconic Rockefeller Center in a stylish, exclusive space appropriately named Bar SixtyFive.This launch sets the tone towards mid-to-high-end position and indicates TECNO is taking a big step forward in internationalization and premiumisation by integrating fashion with innovative technology.

On this latest device is the all new HiOS 8.6 version that was launch earlier this month.
During the launch of TECNO's most user friendly operating system, new powerful and user-first features where introduced making the series of CAMON 19 an exclusive and powerful device to own.

These features includes:
1. Photo Video
Creativity is a priority in todays' technology and HiOS 8.6 gives the top attention to it.
The latest feature gives user the ability to easily and automatically create stunning cinematic videos with pictures and photos directly in the gallery.
Simply select few photos, choose a template and have an awesome video to share.

2. Video to mp3
While watching a very interesting movie, the soundtrack or the music is something to fall in love with. With this feature, you can turn that interesting part of the video to mp3 and use as ringtone in just a second. Very fast and easy to use.

3. Video Editor
Contents, contents and contents is what the world is currently consuming on daily basis- most especially, video contents.
On HiOS 8.6 and CAMON 19, an inexperience user can be a pro with the video editor.
The upgraded feature gives users the ability to fine tune, trim, merge, add soundtrack, export in high quality while creating more and more contents on the go.
The interesting part, you can choose a template and have the magic work for you.
Apply different filters and it saves to draft automatically incase of any sudden interruption.
This video editor has made production easy, fast and professional.

4. Camera Pro Mode
Emphasis around a creators' journey on the new CAMON 19 cannot be expantiated enough without a one on one experience.
HiOS has taken the further step by introducing the professional mode to the camera features.
This gives the user a very wide control over the camera settings from ISO, White Balance, Exposure and many more.
Enjoy seemless and precise settings according to your need, a professional experience brought by a professional camera, and maximize your talents.

5. RAM Extension
Just wow! Imagine a room where instead of taking things out to have space, you're adding more to create space.
Say no more lagging in gaming experiences, app processing and faster smart phone experience.
This feature enable users to extend the RAM size on their device and maximize the full use of what a smartphone is all about.
You can extend to a 8gig RAM, an extra 3gig to make the experience even better.

6. Smart 5G
What is technology without speed and intelligence?
On CAMON 19 comes the all powerful 5G experience. There is a significant reduction in power consumption - Intelligently select 4G/5G network based on traffic bandwidth while reducing power consumpition in the following scenarios:
-Standby mode
- Video playback
- Instant messaging
- Mailing
- Audio playback
- Web browsing

Among the many features comes, Smartscene, Message filter, Lightning Multi-window, and many more that you'll get to know about in subsequent articles.

All you need to know about the new CAMON 19 series launch can be found in the link below

TECNO brings about innovation technologically enhanced with HiOS and it's here to stay.
Ride on this journey with us to greatness.

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553003 25 #

good phone
2022-7-28 11:23 Like(0)

na dem 24 #

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Phoenix001 23 #

great design
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ikem 22 #

can I swap with Camon 15
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294472 21 #

SL on dit koi
2022-7-8 05:24 Like(0)

227851 20 #

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Albino Light 19 #

nice one
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isimail 18 #

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33508090 17 #

Really Nice
2022-6-19 13:14 Like(1)

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