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[HiOS Latest] Make It a Date on CAMON 19 and HiOS 8.6 (Smartscene Experience)

HiOS  |  2022-6-21 16:56 153929

Hello T-fans,
Let's take it from this end...
No one like to be left behind especially when there's  something good.
Not HiOS, not you.
Why then should we forget the most important things in life?

On CAMON 19, with the operation of HiOS 8.6 comes a well improved feature known as Smart scenes. This very important feature enable users set up and receives instant reminders of special occasions, dates and events at the right time.

The need to visit the calender, open the notebook, carry a hand note or an assistant to keep track of upcoming events or to do list is all in the past with HiOS 8.6
Smart scenes feature gives the ability to set up the event and describe what's it all about.
Add reminding time even more than once and the important part,
Smart scenes is designed with a unique experience that users don't need to open any app before accessing it. All it takes is just a swipe to the zeroboard.

Smart scenes is a feature for the future. Perfectly design to meet your needs at every point in time.
It could be birthdays, special celebrations, meetings, child school or closing time and many more.
The limitless experience that comes with HiOS 8.6 is what makes CAMON 19 an extraordinary innovation.

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976685 10 #

I can't connect Camon 19 to any public WiFi
2022-7-28 14:56 Like(2)

Lil yong 9 #

I always love Tecno thank you Tecno mobile phone
2022-7-20 02:40 Like(2)

959040 8 #

I have spark 9 and I want to sell it
chat me up on WhatsApp +23467274798
2022-7-14 02:32 Like(1)

960534 7 #

how does everything goes about
2022-7-13 04:39 Like(1)

ibrhimmuhammad 6 #

tank you tecno mobile phone I like camon 19
2022-6-29 08:13 Like(2)

33751620 5 #

2022-6-24 04:29 Like(1)

33740919 4 #

how to remove iCloud system in Tecno camon CX
2022-6-23 07:48 Like(1)

Hoilakes 3 #

awesome 😎
2022-6-22 17:18 Like(1)

Kim4Christ 2 #

2022-6-22 10:58 Like(2)

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