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June Monthly Challenge: Eradicating Political Apathy.

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Nigeria is a great nation filled with great people. We are diligent, industrious and we are survivors but in our greatest of strengths lies our weakness, we are also adapters. The ability to adapt has it's perks but it is now all we are about, Nigerians have always found a way to survive even in the worst of situations, for as long as I can remember whenever we as citizens are faced with terrible happenings, instead of looking for solutions to said problems we adapt to it, we find that tiny shred of comfort in every puzzling circumstance and stick to it.

           One of the major problems Nigeria as a country faces is bad governance and in all that time we have done so little to effect change, instead we have adapted to inflation of prices, brutal killings, workers strike, kidnappings, embezzlement of taxpayer funds etc. Well I say enough is enough, the time has come for citizens to decide the future of the nation, it's time to take a stand and choose the best candidate to put this great nation on the right path, enough of sitting behind screens and voicing out our political opinions on social media, it's time to take action and actually do something. I urge every citizen of this nation who is of legal voting age to get his/her Permanent Voters Card (PVC) and vote for whoever he/she believes is the right candidate, no more praying and waiting for the situation to turn around for the better, no more conforming to bad conditions, let us vote for our candidate of choice and see to it that Nigeria changes for the better. A wise man once said "the only thing necessary for the truimph of evil is for good men to do nothing". Good people of the Republic of Nigeria get your PVCs today and when the time comes vote.
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