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One powerful content creator tool on HiOS 8.6 and CAMON 19 you didn't know about🔥

HiOS  |  2022-6-29 06:54 17634

Hello T-fans
Over the years, Mobile phones have evolved from voice-centric communication devices to powerful personal multimedia devices. Among other multimedia features, they enable the users to capture video clips with built-in digital cameras.
However, due to the continuous nature of video creation; promoting businesses and creativity on the internet– the possibility to edit the clips after capture would be useful.
HiOS together with TECNO introduces the video editing capability on TECNO smart phones.
HiOS 8.6 present the main user goals for video editing on CAMON 19 with an improved design that is feasible, encouraging a smooth usability experience and values.

HiOS 8.6 video editor is a powerful inbuilt tool for any creator out there - makes the job of creating videos easy, professional and faster.
The feature enables multiple expression on one video- a user can choose different themes, filters and create original videos that are creative.

A professional video producer ability is what HiOS 8.6 gives on CAMON 19- simply shoot, easily edit, show the world your talent.
Understanding the essence of time and safety, the tool automatically saves the video being edited as draft in case of sudden interruption.

This improved editor is a powerful time saver for any video creator out there including users that love to convert even their memorable times to cinematic videos and share it among friends and family.

All the elements needed for video making are present on this simple tool such as, background music, beautiful text and animation and so much more!

We would like to know your thoughts on this improved feature from HiOS on CAMON 19 in the comment section below.
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ts6568069446 10 #

Camon 19
2022-7-10 10:36 Like(0)

Lekya 9 #

how much is the Camon 19?
2022-7-7 08:27 Like(0)

33813006 8 #

am using camon 16
2022-7-7 04:46 Like(0)

33515744 7 #

this is great update for Tecno
I like it
2022-7-3 05:06 Like(0)

ts596414311 6 #

I like Techno
2022-7-2 12:48 Like(1)

Razishirazi 5 #

2022-7-1 20:34 Like(2)

Skull Boy Chansi 4 #

Nice 👍
2022-7-1 18:27 Like(0)

Amalia01 3 #

wow this is nice
2022-7-1 09:53 Like(0)

Kim4Christ 2 #

2022-7-1 09:00 Like(0)

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