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entry for July monthly contest

others  |  2022-7-17 05:35 TECNO BD4j 0173

Monthly Contest for June(Favourite Moment, what went wrong and expectations)  

I don’t know  but some thing that I think could help is giving me notes. Getting to write how you feel is a good way to ease mental stress. Like what happened to KayVee might have been avoidable if there was room for expression.

The housemates, I think they should pick more singles. It makes it more entertaining. All these engaged/married go deh stress person jare.
Another thing is the games. Someone almost broke their leg (can’t remember who). I think they should always test run the games before telling housemates to do it.
Bring back Ninjas also.

Always show us the diary room! All those secret calling that we know nothing about, it shows that the show isn’t 💯 transparent

i think my Favorite moment would be when whitemoney stood up to Pere and refused to be bullied lol, Pere acts like a military that he is and he thinks he was going to intimidate white money with it and he was totally wrong and I think White money standing up to Pere made other people be able to stand up and speak out more

nothing really went wrong with the show in my opinion, I enjoyed every bit of it❤️
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