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How I spent my sallah

Campus  |  2022-7-19 03:22 TECNO KD7 036

2022-07-19 03:08 - 2022-7-19 03:08Has ended
Every year, I do celebrate Sallah with my family because I live with my uncle but after 7 years it was just my mom and my siblings. And each year we do celebrate it in large with people coming for the celebration, but this year just somehow my siblings didn't show up and I also arrived late, I got there around 3 pm and this was as a result of the heavy rain that occurred that day. This year Sallah was the very first that we cook and received visitors, I was bored at home and cold as well because I was beaten by the rain until my old friend took me out.

However, this year Sallah was a blessing I will say because the rain has its purpose and it's let us know our true beloved.
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