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How the ASUU Strike has affected me positively

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2022-07-19 20:35 - 2022-7-19 20:35Has ended
The ASUU Strike which is a short form for Academic Student Union of Universities Strike

It has been discovered that the federal government and ASUU have been at loggerheads over the failure of the former to fulfill some of the agreements it made as far back as 2009. The lecturers complained that most of their demands are yet to be met.

The Nigerian education system keeps frustrating ambitions and aspirations with the frequent culture of disruptions to the process of acquiring knowledge.

According to a study done my Temitope Taiwo, it is recorded that the current ongoing strike is the 16th strike since Nigeria’s return to democracy in 1999.

I really don't know where we are going as a country

Looking at the Nigerian context, the ASUU strike is seen as the last resort when all other efforts by ASUU as a union have proved abortive. It is common knowledge that the only language the Nigerian government understands is strike.

However the ASUU Strike has given me some advantages in a way

Firstly,  The positive impacts of the union’s strike have engendered differs innovative skills in me thriving in all regions.Initiation of creative ideas

The outbreak of the strike set enabling steps to widen my intellectual creativity of mostly by formulating ideas about life and proffer solutions. Creative ideas that can direct people to earn money and serve as instructors to business gurus. The strike has enabled me to reach attainable goals in every sphere.

Secondly, I have acquired numerous skills since the beginning of the strike.

Almost 50 percent of students are now certified skills personnel in the country while some engaged in professional training immediately the embarkment of ASUU strike. I'm doing  well in the fashion industry, and i have a deep passion for fashion activities than bordering on unnecessary clamours for resumption. It has also helped me to engage in computer training, which I'm absolutely doing well as i  have undergone the training before.

Some of my classmates are now professional caterers in big restaurants, fashion designers, certified drivers, photographers and even bricklayers.

This is due to the hindrances of employment after graduation – triggering us to analyze the plights graduates are facing in the country which eventually lead the option to acquire skills.

Also,I have  taken up a lot of online related course pertaining to my field and other fields

This has helped me to enhance my knowledge on areas of my field and has also widened my intellectual capacity

Because whether we like it or not, there is little that the lectures in the university can teach especially with the limited curriculum that universities offer

However, I would really like for the strike to be call off so as to finish my academic activities and focus on the next phase of my life

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