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[Contest] Spot the difference challenge

Photographies  |  2022-7-20 13:48 itel W6001 2878

1.original: Ambassador
edited: Ambasasdor

2.original: Fireboy DML
edited: Fireboy DLM

3.original:The word TECNO font is bold
edited:The word TECNO font is not bold

4.original:phone case colour is blue
edited:phone case colour is green

5.There is a change In the background camera light reflecting on his cloth

6: original:Doted light in between his dread
  edited:no doted light

7: There is a change in the tattoo image on his arm

8: original:ring on his right finger
edited:No ring on his right finger

9: original: necklace is silver
    edited: necklace is gold

10: original:with moustache
edited: without moustache

11: original:Two bead in the hair
        edited:one bead in the hair

12: original: Flashlight on the phone beside the camera
  edited:there is no flashlight on the phone

13: original: Eyebrow not carved properly
    edited:Eyebrow perfectly carved

#Abiola moyosola Ruth
#july  contest
#Ekiti state university
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