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[HiOS Latest] Join the Spectacular Journey to Excellence with HiOS

HiOS  |  2022-10-27 13:20 152611

The world-leading smartphone brand TECNO will hold the global launch of its all-new HiOS12 on October 28, 2022, via an online press conference. TECNO HiOS12 succeeds TECNO HiOS8.6 with a key focus on improving users' lives. The leap from HiOS8.6 to HiOS12 shows how significant the update is with major announcements expected during the global launch.
With the new version, TECNO ensures that its global users are up to date with the latest technological advancements and innovations. The cutting-edge  technology of HiOS12 continues the TECNO tradition of continuous innovation of the HiOS Ecosystem to deliver a concise, comfortable, and smooth experience for users, ultimately making their lives easier and more convenient.
HiOS12 will unveil key improvements like the brand new design, enhanced performance, unrivaled intelligence, and productive efficiency. HiOS12 Global Online Launch will see HiOS inspire its users into igniting their originality while equipping them with the power to perform and live a life of excellence.
Users will relish the powerful Algorithm-Based Intelligence of HiOS which provides them with a unified exercise and health partner, a more trustworthy intelligent assistant, and a reliable and smart home companion.
HiOS12 will bring the overall user experience to a new level with the redefined efficiency and comprehensive privacy protection that comes with this latest version. Positioning itself as the most innovative operating system, HiOS remains keen on bringing its latest cutting-edge technology closer to its users worldwide through refreshed and improved design, performance, intelligence, and efficiency.
It is also expected that during the launch event, set to be streamed live by hosts from different countries, HiOS will announce global partnerships with key stakeholders to help users from around the world achieve their dreams through these strategic partnerships. To show its commitment to its global users, a global audience drawn from over fifty countries, including tech experts, industry leaders, and top creators, will be hosted in the online event guiding them through the exciting journey of discovering the new scope of HiOS updated technologies that will set industry precedence.
With so much to look forward to, it will be amazing to see how all this comes together and see how HiOS continues its commitment to users in this spectacular global affair. The HiOS 12 Global Launch will be live on October 28th, 2022 at 7 PM GMT+1.
You can watch the live stream on HiOS’ official Facebook (HiOSGlobal) and YouTube (HiOSGlobal) channels.

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4765fbc6 8 #

Hello, good morning and nice to meet you.  I am using Tecno Spark 9 Pro, I have been using it since last year, and there was no problem, 3 days ago and before then; there is this system update that has been popping up on my screen for me to update my phone, and I now decided that I should update it for the 1st time, after the installation and updating, I was ask to restart my phone, once that was done, I tried to do what I was doing only for me to find out that some apps and websites were not connecting to the internet and were not working, I quickly installed VPN to aid that was when all the app and websites that was not working started working again. I reset the phone still it didn't help, I installed everything again manually it didn't work I did a hard reset again still didn't work, I have been looking for where to uninstall the update I can't find it, please I need your help, all I want now is to uninstall the update out of my phone let it go back to how I bought it.  Thank you.  Talking with you like this I am using VPN without VPN I can't connect to the internet.  I discovered that my even my IP Address has changed after the system update.
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Ali Naqi shah 6 #

Whic porblem verification
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