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[HiOS Latest] TECNO Launches HiOS12 featuring New Excellence in technology and innovation

HiOS  |  2022-11-1 04:43 218620

The world-leading smartphone brand TECNO recently held the global launch for its all-new HiOS12 via an online press conference, bringing excellence in technology and innovation to global users. The brand-new HiOS12 features a concise and comfortable refreshed Design, enhanced performance, unmatched intelligence, and improved productive efficiency for a smarter, more convenient life.

Ignite Your Originality with refreshed minimalist Design
HiOS continues its signature minimalist design with a refreshed interface that takes you on a spellbinding journey with exquisite gradients creating a visual tapestry of shapes, light and motion. The copious use of blank space provides you with symmetry for a balanced visual experience. At the same time, the neatly arranged icons with gracefully rounded edges bring unity of screen elements that give a warm ambiance so you can focus on what matters in comfort and style.

HiOS12 also elevates your standard display with artistic themes that jump off the screen, painting a canvas of visual splendor for your pleasure, HiOS12 brings a delightful gallery of wallpapers and themed collections to inspire your imagination. This is complemented by dynamic touch animation with a naturally flowing feedback to your fingers that creates fluid moments of natural, animated beauty for an immersive visual experience, making browsing and navigation extremely efficient and smooth. The Smart Widget allows you to squeeze multiple widgets into one portion of your display, letting you swipe between them to quickly glean info from each app at once. Stacking a few makes it easy to create a safe haven for valuable info at your fingertips without taking up space or needing to open the app.

Experience the power to perform with HiOS12
By integrating cutting-edge technology into user-perceivable detail in HiOS12, HiOS demonstrated its dedication to bridging technology and people through overall performance improvements. Thanks to the new IDA Engine 3.0, you can now boost your Cellular download rate by 45%, your Wi-Fi download rate by 300%, and your Camp network by 300%, keeping your momentum going and your mental reserves fresh for the task at hand.

HiOS12 also marks the debut of the Aurora Engine, TECNO’s proprietary system-level technical solutions to deliver a more smooth and stable system and all-round improvements to the fundamental user experience. The Engine drastically reduces game launch time by reserving virtual memory for your favorite games, thereby giving you a winning edge in the gaming arena. It also helps to keep more apps alive in the background, making it possible to switch between multiple apps without losing the status within an app or experiencing lag while switching.

AI “Intelligence” New Experience
Let your “intelligent sense” experience be elevated to a new height in your mobile life and work. Powered by image recognition algorithms, AI Gallery 5.0 features a new stylish design that intelligently recognizes faces in photos and allows users to edit, combine, and relive their favorite memories at any time. My health adopts intelligent design to help users quantify and manage their own health by recording and analyzing data such as exercise and sleep. At the same time, running and cycling models provide more choices for managing health goals in multiple scenarios. Smart Widget can compress multiple widgets to display, allowing users to quickly receive a variety of information at a glance. The new version of Smart OS intelligently analyzes different scenarios according to user habits, and recommends services and applications for users at the moment, whether it is when you want to listen to music on the commute, when you want to listen to music, when you need to open a payment code for shopping and checkout, when you need to check the weather on a business trip, etc. When the tasks are not completed, and the utility bills and phone bills need to be paid, the key information and services can be realized by front-end services such as desktop widgets, negative one-screen localization services, and lock-screen services.

Ella 2.0 has a faster response speed, allowing users to call out Ella in time whether they want to listen to music, set an alarm, take a selfie, or call an important person. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! Revivw! Redefine your gamer experience with real time notifications on game stats in game resurrection time. Never miss that thrilling gaming moment with the all new Flowing window. You can now chat and watch the drama unfold while playing games and enjoy pro-level multitasking. As a smart home companion, Welife can help users manage and control the status of the home at any time, easily share smart products at home with friends and family members, and enjoy the whole house appliances and master them with one hand.

Redefined Efficiency With the introduction of Text Through Data, you can connect with family and friends through texts, documents, photos, videos, contact information, and group messages without use of airtime. Text Through Data is an alternative to the SMS and MMS messaging for a more fluid, cost effective experience.

The new version of Notepad can automatically detect website links and phone numbers, and generate one-click links. Combined with the smart widget function, you can leave inspirational notes anytime, anywhere with just one tap. Record Translator supports multiple languages, allowing users to experience the convenience of one-click speech-to-text translation during meetings, interviews, studies and training.

Super powerful computing power deeply protects user privacy
Privacy Manager provides users with in-depth privacy protection by recording and analyzing application access logs and tracking real-time information. The newly upgraded ZA-HOOC 3.0 provides more in-depth privacy solutions, builds a strong and secure privacy ecosystem with the support of the latest computing power, and provides comprehensive protection for users’ sensitive information, so that users no longer worry about data leakage and virus attack.
HiOS has always focused on users and continued to deepen localization innovation. After seven years of version updates and iterations, it has spared no effort to use the latest technology to bring users a better life. In the future, under the premise of fully interpreting user needs, HiOS will continue to use innovative functions to create the most popular mobile operating system for consumers in emerging markets around the world.

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46580eff 10 #

Sorry please I have a complaint
2022-11-4 19:25 Like(1)

46580eff 9 #

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  • Nigeria100 : Can I update my camon 19 to comon 19pro

    2023-1-27 20:53

21494829 8 #

Very good
2022-11-3 12:22 Like(1)

7 #

when will it come out for camon 18p?
2022-11-2 15:58 Like(2)

ts852232119 6 #

"yeah we added some software now your phone runs at 500% it's original speed!!!!"
2022-11-2 11:51 Like(1)

ts852232119 5 #

imagine adding "artificial intelligence" to every app because the targeted users are too stupid to understand what it is
2022-11-2 11:48 Like(1)

ts852232119 4 #

wow nice wall of text describing 30 new stolen features that already available on millions of phones and adding "terms of services" to every single app including a CALCULATOR. Spyware-rich software that tracks every single movement you do and 50 bloatware and ad apps that has 0 use. TECNO Pova 2 is still at HiOS 7.6.
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thanks for your replay
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when will release for camon 18
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