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Assemble! HiOS product requests collection is on!

Activities  |  2022-11-8 03:05 716211568

Dear T-Spot & HiOS Fans:
We are currently in the process of continuous optimization and upgrading, and we are in great need of your valuable suggestions.
Please pick up the phone, speak up your ideas and requests . We are here to listen!

All you need to do is reply to this post. Your valuable suggestions, ideas and requests could be accepted.
With every accepted request, you could win rewards up to $5*.  The more the merrier!
So what are you waiting for!  Let's build HiOS together!

Make sure you write the information below to improve your chances for acceptance!
  • Your Country/City.
  • Your phone model, OS version, Android version. (Settings - My Phone)
  • Describe your ideas and requests in detail as far as possible.
  • Screenshots (related to your requests and phone).

Activity Details
1 Activity period:
  • 2022/11/8-2022/12/7
2 Participation method:
  • Reply directly to this post
3 Activity rewards:
  • Up to 5 USD* per accepted request.
4 Activity Rules
  • Each suggestion will be evaluated by our team of Product Managers.
  • If more than one person makes the same request and it is accepted, it will be counted to the first user according to the response time.
  • Be sure to reply within the activity period~
5 Method of receiving the award.
  • Check the award list.
    • Our staff will post a list of winners under the original post after the activity. Please check it in time.
  • Register to receive information.
  • If you do not contact our staff or provide relevant information within the time limit, you will be deemed to have automatically forfeited the prize.

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great to see you it
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my mobile phone is not working well not, reply
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61294fe0 697 #

My phone got stolen am from Malawi and when I tried reaching it using find my device its location or gps is off its imei is 357416312953562 //my email is ethanbutao25@gmail.com ....can tecno please find my phone  Tecno why cant you make an app that when a tecno phone got stolen the owner should track it using his tecno ID or imei
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help us with new software that can allow us use live wallpapers
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