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Assemble! HiOS product requests collection is on!

Activities  |  2022-11-8 03:05 714211504

Dear T-Spot & HiOS Fans:
We are currently in the process of continuous optimization and upgrading, and we are in great need of your valuable suggestions.
Please pick up the phone, speak up your ideas and requests . We are here to listen!

All you need to do is reply to this post. Your valuable suggestions, ideas and requests could be accepted.
With every accepted request, you could win rewards up to $5*.  The more the merrier!
So what are you waiting for!  Let's build HiOS together!

Make sure you write the information below to improve your chances for acceptance!
  • Your Country/City.
  • Your phone model, OS version, Android version. (Settings - My Phone)
  • Describe your ideas and requests in detail as far as possible.
  • Screenshots (related to your requests and phone).

Activity Details
1 Activity period:
  • 2022/11/8-2022/12/7
2 Participation method:
  • Reply directly to this post
3 Activity rewards:
  • Up to 5 USD* per accepted request.
4 Activity Rules
  • Each suggestion will be evaluated by our team of Product Managers.
  • If more than one person makes the same request and it is accepted, it will be counted to the first user according to the response time.
  • Be sure to reply within the activity period~
5 Method of receiving the award.
  • Check the award list.
    • Our staff will post a list of winners under the original post after the activity. Please check it in time.
  • Register to receive information.
  • If you do not contact our staff or provide relevant information within the time limit, you will be deemed to have automatically forfeited the prize.

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639606 50 #

Johannesburg, SPARK 7 PRO, v7.5.0, Android 11.

Add hand signals to the camera app for shutter, currently there is only smile detection.
2022-11-8 10:48 Like(1)

639606 49 #

Johannesburg, SPARK 7 PRO, v7.5.0, Android 11.

Please have a shortcut to the flash on and off that can be mappable to the volume or power button. Only shortcut now is drawing a letter on screen, and it is not that reliable. Or even a gesture like double chop your phone.

2022-11-8 10:46 Like(1)

48 #

Richard from Nigeria
using the Tecno camon 17p from 2021
android 11 hios 7.6.0
I would like an OTA upgrade to android 12 hios 8.6
I have been experiencing lags and bugs recently and it sometimes required restart so please upgrade
Thank you
2022-11-8 10:43 Like(1)

47 #

Tecno pop 5 how can I get 4g data setting
2022-11-8 10:17 Like(3)

46 #

South Africa, Durban
Tecno Camon 17p, HIOS 7.6.0, Android 11
Please add a tap to pay feature for the phone to work with Banking apps so that u can pay even if u don't have ur bank card. Also please make it easier to take a scrolling screen shot it is kinda complicated and hard to do at the moment
2022-11-8 10:14 Like(3)

45 #

Tecno spark 6 go
Hios v6. 2.0
android 10
south Africa

hello Tecno team . I have a few issues of the way the phone was designed and it seems a bit off like the back covers. Also plz extend the ram so tht it would be able to handle more things. But overall it's a brilliant phone
2022-11-8 10:09 Like(1)

44 #

TECNO SPARK 7(TECNO KF6i),HIOS 7.5, Android 11
Please Add Feature Extended Ram to Older Device
And Please Release HIOS 8.5 and HIOS 12 that Eligible Devices that meet Specification Update
2022-11-8 10:07 Like(3)

43 #



Phone model-Tecno C16,HIOS V8.6.0,Adriod version 12

Review-tecno experience been good, currently using common 19 and so far so good

Ideas-notification light on the edge of the screen would be great.
2022-11-8 09:33 Like(3)

42 #

Tecno Spark 8C - turns off WiFi and mobile data when the phone is in sleep mode.
HiOS 7.6.0 - I REALLY NEED THE OPPORTUNITY TO COSTAMIZE THE ZERO SCREEN, for example, I don't really need information about sports.
p.s. I apologize for my English, I type through a translator.
2022-11-8 09:31 Like(4)

shadie 41 #

- I come from Nairobi City, Kenya.
- I'm currently using Tecno Phantom X, OS Version v8.0.0, Android 11.
- My official Whatsapp number is +254792623665
As i have used the phone for like 2 years, here are some of suggestions that i ask to be addressed;-
1. Timely OTA updates to make the phone competitive and upto date
2. Improve on Ella as its restricted to work on few applications, others keeps saying "sorry it doesnt understand."
3. Make camera have pro mode in order to have diverse shooting modes
4. Add the AI Translator app again, makes it to translate different languages
5. Improve on Smart scanner app as at it takes a lot of time trying to recharge a calling card.
6. The flashlight goes off when the phone locks itself, i think it would be nice if the user switches it off manually.
7. Make it possible to turn off all background data of apps with a centralized command, instead of switching every app manually.
8. Reduce ads in some applications, it becomes bothersome
9. At night when one tries to unlock, its lights up with high brightness that may harm eyes instead of the brightness the user had selected.
10. Make it optional on whether to have voice as it switches on or off

These are some of issues that i have encountered with the phone and need to be improved,
1. Watching a video in dark scenes, I experience unclear pictures in some patches.
2. During gaming experience, the phone overheats
3. Battery drains fast during browsing internet, gaming or shooting a video
4. Phone overheats as i take video too
2022-11-8 09:28 Like(1)



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