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camon c8 has a better camera than c5 but c5 is 4G while c8 is a 3G.then can they be of the same price?

HiOS  |  2016-3-3 11:20 131216

C8 is dope than c5
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Techmania 10 #

Let forget about 3g or 4g palava, camon c8 is still the best to me
2016-3-7 04:47 Like(0)

monsieurpaul 9 #

Ummm isn't the screen of c8 bigger? C5 is just smallish IMO
2016-3-5 05:15 Like(0)

Theobrainz 8 #

I just love C8 except for its auto reboot feature
2016-3-4 17:31 Like(0)

Ennyholar 7 #

Camon C5 has 4Glite it is a little bit faster than 3G....
4G in Nigeria doesn't really matter ...
C8 all the way...
2016-3-4 14:36 Like(0)

RoseCole 6 #

Yes and also, Nigeria doesn't have 4G providers except for WiFi cos
2016-3-4 09:54 Like(0)

RoseCole 5 #

Nope. 4G phones are always more pricy than the 3G phones
2016-3-4 09:53 Like(0)

TeeFeh 4 #

Lol I would go for c8 cuz I'm a camera freak,my 3G is okay na,its not like I've a worse network
2016-3-4 06:30 Like(0)

Jacinta 3 #

I will go for C8 if I must choose. Because 4G in Nigeria is Nothing but wash wash wash everywhere.
2016-3-4 05:40 Like(0)

Dauda Musa 2 #

They're great phones with classical experience.
2016-3-3 18:34 Like(0)

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