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[HiOS Latest] Top 5 HiOS12 Features for an Excellent and Seamless Mobile Experience

HiOS  |  2022-11-17 11:03 341597

Hello T-Fans,
The recent launch of HiOS12 open wide, the opportunity to experience first hand, a future innovation that enhances excellence.
Coming with numerous upgrade and aesthetically designed feature, is the power of intelligence, efficiency and  redefined purpose with a seamless experience.

Here is an in-depth article on the top 5 features that comes handy everyday on this new launch.

There is no better way to present a unique product like how HiOS12 redefine and restructure the Notepad.
This is not just a note, it is an AI powered feature with unique ability to set task and To-Dos easily and efficiently.

Users have the ability to set alarm for a specific list, mark a list and it automatically rearrange to completed  and none completed segments.
Also, taking notes on the phone is made easier; the ability to input a title, format text and include hyperlinks that is clickable right from the note.
The Notepad is right now fully functional with cloud storage services that can be accessed on any TECNO smartphone using TECNO ID.


HiOS12 went beyond imaginary product to a realistic one.
There were moments where users find it hard to reply an SMS due to low or no airtime. Not anymore!
Text through data allows users to send SMS with Internet data from anywhere. The ability to send multimedia files like videos, music and photos directly from the sms app.
Get notified on delivery,  read receipt and live typing when recipient is typing.


AI Gallery has been around since the launch of HiOS 7.0. On HiOS12, it is a redefined upgrade.
AI Gallery beautifully group users photos into folders/albums including videos.
Give users random selection of beautiful memories.
AI Gallery also improves on the ability to edit photos, backup photos, group similar and same date images with family and friends, lock private images and many more.


Ella Voice Assistant at initial only support offline activities.  Goodnews: on HiOS12, Ella commands both offline and online features.
Users can get more done easily, quickly and conveniently by simply calling "Hi Ella".


Beyond translation is what HiOS12 stands for.
The ability to voice any language and get instant translation has been made possible.
Users can speak directly into the phone and have the language translate to custom select without installing any third party application.

HiOS12 is a breath of Excellence; to make users life even more better for a productive and efficient living.
This innovation is a work of a future technology and HiOS is glad to make users more accomplished than never before.

Share with us your experience in the comment section below.
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tecno spart 8pro  Android 12
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Touch and hold a clip to pin it. Unpinned clips will be deleted after 1 hour.
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Update for camon 12
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I enjoyed reading this post such an interesting info post. Thanks for providing good info.  Zonnepanelen installateur Hasselt
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