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November monthly challenge

Work from home  |  2022-11-25 01:22 0230

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Life gave Saro a second chance, not only a chance @ life but a chance @ the best life... No hard work, no farming, maximum respect from villages and even their kings, a good woman beside him and a gift to cheat death, all in one package without him even selling his soul.

Life could b cruel, hard and not fair but in Saro's case life was at his mercies.

Great power comes great responsibility, responsibilty to be modest, impartial, contented, loving & be of service, but with Saro, great power came foolishness, greed, self centered and uncultured. What you do when you have absolute power defines who we are. The qualities of a man is not measured when he's beaten, broken and battered but when he has the world or a fraction of it at his mercies.

When presented with a gift of greatness, please try to be disciplined & cultured. It can be taken away @ any moment like it was taken away from Saro.

When life gives you a power source, don't be callous like Saro who didn't protect his power source but left it unguarded which made him vulnerable that lead to his downfall.
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