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Anikulapo is a typical Yoruba movie depicting human actions and their consequences. 

The story centers on Saro, a clothing weaver looking for a greener pasture. He is a young enthusiastic man who is looking for an opportunity in the Oyo kingdom. 

He was able to establish his business through the help of Awarun (a woman of great affluence). He becomes so popular that the chiefs and kings patronize him. 

On his first visitation to the palace, princess Omowumi( the first child and daughter of Alafin) and Queen Arolake (the last queen of Alafin) fell in love with him. Princess Omowumi told her best friend Queen Arolake about her true feelings for Saro. Queen Arolake also had feelings for Saro. She made the first move and proposed to Saro.

The illicit relationship between Queen Arolake and Saro gets exposed and were punished for it. Saro was killed and Arolake ran out of the town. 

According to the movie, it is believed that the dead can be given a second chance through the power of Owiwi. Saro gets a chance at a second life through the help of Queen Arolake and Owiwi. This led to his possession of the power of raising dead people.

They moved to a new town Ojumo that accommodated them wholeheartedly. 

However, Saro becomes popular, rich, and powerful. He becomes greedy and lustful that he forgets he was in that position because of his first wife. He doesn't just womanize but also shares their secrets with other wives. 

Saro was called for the treatment of the grand prince of Ojumo who passed away from a mild illness, being a greedy person he refused to wake the prince. He said he can only do that until the princess is given to him. 

Queen Arolake, after seeing she is at the losing end, destroys the power of Saro and leaves the town. 

Saro couldn't wake the prince up and ended up with shame and regret. 

The Theme of the movie 

Nemesis: Queen Arolake, being a Queen and the favorite of the king decided to cheat on the king and get rewarded for it. Her lovers don't respect her and also share their secrets. Saro's greediness and unfaithfulness made him an object of mockery in the end even though he was given a second life. 

Love and Loyalty: this is shown between Queen Arolake and Princess Omowumi. Princess Omowumi possesses this character, which makes her share her feelings with Queen Arolake. 

Betrayal: the theme continues to run in the movie till the end. Queen Arolake betrays Alaafin and Saro betrays Queen Arolake. 

 The movie is a typical example of what happens in our lives, our flaws, and endless expectations. 

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