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Pic story: TECNO PHANTOM X2 Series launched in Dubai & it's powered by HiOS12

HiOS  |  2022-12-7 17:33 342574

TECNO is proud to announce the launch of its flagship premium device- PHANTOM X2 Series themed "Beyond the Extraordinary".
This powerful and unigue product was released in the presence of many tech founders and professionals in the beautiful city of Arab Emirates, Dubai.
PHANTOM X2 is built with modern age technology, processor, extraordinary photography tools and HiOS12.

Below are some pictures from the event. Behold beauty and magnificient capability of the camera technology
ZWD_5938-opq348510870.jpg LIN_5583-opq348513826.jpg
ZWD_6305-opq348527836.jpg LPZ_4440-opq348250092.jpg LIN_5345-opq348486304.jpg LPZ_5279-opq348539813.jpg

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wow cool
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tôi không thể cập nhật được ứng dụng này từ Google Play Store
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Testboy 26 #

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Testboy 23 #

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95702ace 22 #

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zaitsevmaxim958ztr7fg 21 #

Hello, again. Somehow my screen recorder stopped working, nothing happens when I tap it on smart screen, but scrinshot is still working. What should I check? I tried restart my phone, but it's no use. I checked disabled apps but there's nothing related. I looked for accessibility function HiOS is on, others aren't related. Can you help me?
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