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TECNO has always attached great importance to the user experience of products, and improving the security of TECNO products is our persistent mission, which is also the original intention of establishing TECNO Security Response Center (TECNO SRC in abbreviation). We hope to work together with security researchers through TECNO SRC. TECNO SRC is committed to valuing the efforts of each reporter, and we will handle each report reasonably, fairly, and expeditiously.

TECNO SRC has been in stable operation for more than one year, since it was launched in September 2021. Over the course of the year, TECNO SRC has been active in global security fields, encouraging security researchers to assist in the investigation of security vulnerability, and endeavoring to exchange and cooperate with well-known security organizations. Up to December 2022, TECNO SRC has 700+ registered users from 70 different countries, making important contributions to improve the security of TECNO products.

Moving forward with enthusiasm and devotion, the upgraded TECNO SRC go live today! TECNO SRC enriches the functions of vulnerability submission,increases safety research benefits and improves the ways of presenting resource information, which will bring you a better experience. Come and try it!

TECNO SRC is upgraded with the following features and highlights:

First: More accurate and convenient vulnerability submission
- Add multiple select functions of URL and APK in the submission of vulnerability, improving the efficiency and accuracy of vulnerability reporting.
- Support uploading files in .wmv format, enlarging the vulnerability reporting form.
- Optimize the vulnerability details page to display the filled URL, APK, and APK version after submitting the vulnerability report, bringing convenience for you to check and revise the report.

Second: Increased benefits for security researchers
- The telephone reimbursement plan is ongoing with more convenient access on the homepage. The cost of testing devices can be fully reimbursed through this plan.
- Add the function of APK Download to provide you with the latest download path of the core APK, ensuring  timeliness for your security research. (will be available on January 6, 2023)
- Add a dynamic display plate of hot testing devices on the homepage, showing available devices for research visually and all the hot devices will be updated here in real time.

Third: Diversified presentation of resources
- Vulnerability activities are displayed in diversity, limited-time activities and new functions are displayed in a banner carousel (will be available on January 6, 2023), and regular activities are displayed statically.
- Optimize the presentation of announcement information, display the full title of the announcement on the homepage, and classify the resources by the further subdivided tags.
- Show the monthly Hall of Fame to the homepage. The white hats with the top three monthly base reputations will go on the honor roll. Update monthly!


Fitting to user requirements and expanding the breadth and depth of cooperation,the upgraded TECNO SRC will bring better experiences to users. We will continue to update and improve, hoping to realize sustainable cooperation and discussion with all the security researchers under the principle of reasonableness, fairness, and expeditiousness.

To celebrate the updated of TECNO SRC, we will have a free online lottery on Facebook and Twitter. Welcome everybody to follow us and participate in the event. The gift packs are being delivered!

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Tecno camon 16 premier model CE9 is outdated
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Device update problem please solve this send update for my device TECNO Pouvoir 4 model no TECNO LC7
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