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A Simple Guide to Properly Maintain a Website

Tech News  |  2023-2-1 09:25 0275

Website maintenance is one of the fundamental aspects in today's digital marketing world. However, many people underestimate the importance of website maintenance. They assume that having a website is more than enough. Thus they only stop at the website building phase. Once they're done, they won't touch it again unless there are changes to be made. This is a wrong mindset and should be avoided.
Keep in mind that your website is like a motorcycle. If you do not perform motor service periodically, then the engine performance will slowly decrease. If there is a problem with your motorcycle, you should immediately fix it. Do not wait until the condition worsens so that you do not have to spend a lot of budget to repair it. Here are 10 steps to good and correct website maintenance.
How to Maintain a Good and Correct Website?Below we will give tips and easy ways to maintain your website properly and correctly, because proper maintenance is the main key to the success of a website.
1. Review and test your website's performance
You should review and test all pages of your website every year and after every update made. This will really help you find broken links or features that need to be fixed as well as help you know the overall level of user experience including loading speed, missing content, grammatical errors, inconsistent style, and so on.
2. Test all formats and shapes of your website
You need to test all the forms and formats of your website and make sure everything works properly. Call to action and contact forms are two very important things. Both should always work so that you will not miss out on business opportunities.
3. Review (KPIs) your key performance indicators, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and analytics reports
You should evaluate your KPIs, SEO, and analytics reports on a monthly basis to measure the performance of your website. This will help you to track down the problem and find the best solution to fix it.
4. Update your domain name
Your website's domain name means a lot. Letting it expire can lead you to nightmares and have a negative impact on your business. You must update it in a timely manner every year.
5. Security updates and bug fixes
You need to update the software regularly and install upgrades, bug fixes, security patches, and all other updates that may affect the performance of your website.
6. Check your backups
Make sure your entire website including all data is fully supported. Check all your backups if they are working or not and your data should be retrievable.
7. Browser compatibility test
As time goes by, the layout and design of your website may no longer be compatible with new browsers. It's important to check and test your website in different browser versions like Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox.
8. Check your sitemap
Make sure that your sitemap is up to date. Your Sitemap tells search engines about the structure of your website. You need to check for things that have already been removed, links that have been broken and to make sure that all newly added pages are updated in your sitemap.
9. Review your contact information
Your contact information including team members' names, phone numbers, and addresses on your website is very important, as it must be up to date. Staff task changes may need email to be redirected to a different team member.
10. Update your plugins
Updating your plugin regularly is very important and should be noted. This is to ensure website compatibility, functionality, and performance. Updating the plugin will improve your website's security system and protect it from hacking attempts.
Your website needs regular checks and scaled maintenance. The world of industry and technology is evolving and improving every day, so your website must be upgraded in order to run in line with the pace at which technology is flowing. This guide can help you run a website like a well-maintained machine.

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