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HiOS J8L: Part 2

HiOS  |  2016-3-11 16:45 0781

So as i had posted earlier, the Camon C8 has recieved a major upgrade in software, in terms of the OS and User Interface and personalization features. These new features that are incorporated into the device make it more powerful and greatly improve the efficiency of your smartphone.

What i find to be the greatest revolutionary feature is the easy and diverse user personalization and optimization features such as HiOS Wallpaper, HiOS Theme and HiOS Font, which eardicate the need for users to install third party apps such as Next Launcher, Go Launcher, Nova Launcher and all other launchers.[/COLOR]
I will continually expound on in my posts.

HiOS Wallpaper

HiOS Wallpaper is a section that allows setting of wallpapers within the HiOS UI. You can customize your wallpaper with files within your phone or SD card. The phone comes with some custom HD wallpapers pre-installed and offers the option of searching for and downloading more HD wallpapers online.[/COLOR]

Hi Theme

The HiOS user interface features the Hi Theme. Hi Theme is the center of theme changing. Choose your device theme and give it a new feel. Improve your device elegance and beauty by choosing an improved HiOS theme.[/COLOR]

Hi Font

Fonts were not a thing of Tecno phones. You could not change the device display font on the phone. But now with the HiOS UI you can change the font and feel of the Tecno phone which further makes your J8L smartphone an extension of your creativity and imagination.[/COLOR]
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